Residential Irrigation Design and Installation

    •No two properties are alike and therefore a quality irrigation system can not be quoted or designed “over the phone.”
    •We will come out to you site, perform a survey, taking note of all shaded areas, all trees, soil conditions, and turf type.
    •We will then design a system that is specific to your site and needs taking into consideration any future buildout or potential changes to you landscape. Our designs are cost effective both in installed cost and monthly operation cost.


    Cougar Irrigation Zone-Layout that walks through the zone sequentially. from Cougar Irrigation, LLC on Vimeo.

Landscaping Lighting Services

    •Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Outdoor lighting
    •Specializing in high performance low voltage products including FX Luminaire 

    Why we like FX products?
    The are the best hands down.  When you make an investment, you want to see the value last a long time. If you are like us and you value quality,dependable, and long lasting products, FX is the way to go. FX Luminaire extends the warranty on Fixtures and Transformers to ten years from the date of installation when both FX Luminaire fixtures and transformers are installed on the same project exclusive of any competitor’s products. Complete details of the warranty can be seen at the FX Luminare website at

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    Online survey, coming soon.

Landscape Prep Services

    • Pond and water feature installation
    • Low voltage Landscape Lighting
    • Stepping stone and rock Paths
    • Lawn/sod installation
    • Mulch and compost
    • Tree and plant installation
    • Rainwater collection and distribution
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Repairs, Commercial and Residential.

    • Repair Broken or Leaking Lines
    • Replace Broken Heads
    • Controller reprogramming or replacement
    • Rain sensor Installation
    • Irrigation Audits
    • System Tune-ups/ Start-ups/ Adjustment
    • Troublehoot Inadequet Pressure and Coverage Issues

Backflow prevention device installation, service, and testing

    • install backflow on new system
    • replace broken backflow  
    • service malfunctioning backflow  
    • backflow prevention assembly test (BPAT)

Pre-purchase Inspection

    • Most pre-purchase home inspectors do not have the expertise that would be provided by an irrigation company. We can come out and do a pre-purchase irrigation system inspection.
    • We can also provide recommendations and a quote based upon our findings.



    Irrigation in Texas is regulated by
    TCEQ P.O. Box 13087 Austin, TX 78711-3087
    (512) 239-6719


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